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Before I’ll jump onto the topic – what is mobile marketing? I am pretty much certain that you must be reading this blog post on your mobile. Isn’t it? 

Now, you will ask how I am that much sure. Am I having a magic globe that shows me everything?

The answer is- No, I don’t have any globe sort of thing with me. But yes, I have many tools and KPIs that show the present stats of internet market. It makes me aware of the fact that the teenage phase of desktop devices has been over. Now, everyone means everyone (including marketers and consumers both) uses smartphones for daily tasks. 

Even the impact of mobile users is so high. 68% of companies design their marketing campaigns focusing on mobile phone users. As mobile users are often the motivated buyers. It is quite hard to ignore them. 

 It’s no secret that a successful business needs a good mobile marketing strategy for lead generation. There is much more to know about mobile marketing. Read on!

What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile devices are a basic key communication tool for most of us. And you know what. By each passing second, 9 new mobile device users are added. I think now you must be aware of the seriousness of not having a solid mobile marketing strategy. 

Mobile Marketing is a multi-channel, internet marketing strategy centred at gaining a target audience using feature phones, smartphones, tablets or similar related devices through any websites, social media, email, SMS and MMS or mobile apps. 

Hence, it is a key tactic that helps businesses to grow fast. Likewise if you are ignoring Mobile Marketing Strategy then think again!

Types of Mobile Marketing Strategy

SMS Marketing

Pay attention to the most often used mobile marketing strategy- SMS marketing. It is also known as text-messaging marketing. It is the oldest marketing strategy to reach out the consumers right away. 

In SMS marketing, companies and marketers send direct text messages to a set of targeting mobile audiences. It helps in introducing newly launched products, upcoming sales and offers etc. capturing data of new consumers. Offer special deals and coupons through your SMS campaign! As text messages have 98% open-rate. Hence, it ultimately gives you a higher interaction rate. 

Location-Based Marketing

Now coming to location-based marketing for mobile users- what it is? Have you ever searched for a deal at your nearby restaurants or book a room for your vacay? Of course, you did. The results come in your mobiles’ search results of Google are nothing but the examples of location-based marketing. 

In this, businesses perfectly use the geographical location of a business to stand-out among competitors. 

App-Based Marketing

No no, you don’t need to deploy your business app instantly. But yes, if you’ll do so. It gives you direct engagement with the right audiences. In the meantime, you can use third-party mobile apps for your mobile advertising using services like Google AdMob. It shows your business’s ad to the target mobile app users which are obviously great in numbers. 

Facebook is another popular example of seamless mobile app-based marketing. It integrates your promoted ad post in its news feed so well. That it is hard to ignore that. 

Mobile Search Marketing

Reach is a concern. Either by organic traffic or by paid search listings. Suppose you have a mind boggling retail website but only for desktop users. Then you must be lacking a higher number of potential buyers who are searching for a retail website on their mobile phones. Understand mobile has become a key-source which has the maximum wallet power. So come up with making your website mobile –friendly to increase your search leads by 70%.

Similarly, in SEM you need to customize your ad search for mobile users. Well, it is all-in-whole a useful topic to discuss further. Here, saying something under what is mobile marketing; is not required. I’ll discuss this topic in my next blog. 


Lastly, for streamlining your business with a blockbuster, it is advisable to design your mobile marketing strategy aiming at increasing user-engagement. Hence, if you are losing customers every second. Then you should start trying various types of mobile marketing tactics specially- the SMS marketing. It gives better results in direct lead generation. 

Whereas email marketing has only a 6% response rate. SMS marketing acts like a ripening fruit as it has an exceptional 45% response rate. Do it! It increases your sale and revenue with guaranteed success. 

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