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 Although It Is The Time To Revamp Your Social Media Strategy With A Powerful Social Media Marketing India Plan. Strengthen Your Brand Visibility With Great User-Generate Content That Brings You Business Back. We At  BiggContent (Social Media Management India), Are Focused In Curating And Publishing Valuable, Useful, Truly Relevant, And Consistent Content. It Helps Our Clients To Get Better Lead Generation. Need A Powerful Content Strategy For Your Social Media Platforms? Contact Us At 9878773988 To Hire Social Media Specialist For Your Online Business, Today! But Before That, Know What Social Media Marketing India Is And Why Intelligent Business-Owners Should Think In Investing In Social Media Marketing India, Below.

What Social Media Marketing Really Is?

Social Media Marketing is a part of Digital Marketing. It is a strategic approach to attract and retain a particular defined set of customers by creating and publishing consistent, valuable, and relevant content to them. Unlike BiggContent, there are several Social Media Marketing India Companies that ultimately aims to get profitable customer action in terms of lead generation.


Why Are Leading Brands Going Towards Social Media Marketing Services India?


Everything that is online is on Google. Yes, this is a fact that no one can deny. That is why a hidden rat race happened among billions of websites to get visible in Google’s search results. Moreover, the tech giant also keeps the rat race interesting by keep updating its search algorithms and other ranking factors. Here is why Social Media Management India or Content Marketing Services India comes into shapes.


Presently, most enterprise-level organizations are agreed that Google’s latest search results are optimized based on web user intent. Now you can pitch your products and services directly to the persons who are actually looking for your niche. Simply, you need to dive deeper like a premium Content Marketing Services India like BiggContent and refine your web page content, articles, blog posts, and technical write-ups.


What next?

Suppose somehow you manage to get quality content in your hands. Now what? How will you utilize that content in lead generation? The answer is- by doing a strategic promotion of it.

Successful brands think like a forward-thinker. They know the fact that nowadays, traditional marketing is less effective. Here is why simply pitching any services or products is not sufficient. They need to do something extra. For this, businesses refine their strategic content marketing approach with the help of Content Marketing Services India,

“By focusing on curating and publishing valuable, useful, truly relevant and consistent content.”

And drive traffic that can turn out their future buyers/clients.

As compared to outbound marketing, Content Marketing Services India ultimately drives 3X more leads to a business. Amazingly, the total cost is around 62% lesser. The only thing, which businesses need to understand, is – to be a master in engaging their audiences. So that they shall retain your brand for a long, the success is given below:


Here, rich content obviously builds trust. It also grows brand value and influences conversion. You need to solidify your commitment by projecting yourself rightly in front of web audiences. Then only you can make a great conversion. Here is why Content Marketing Services India plays an important role in your successful business.

At bottom line, the key points why brands opt for Content Marketing Agencies,

  • Cost-effective
  • Increased sales
  • Potential buyers

Leverage Your Business By Taking Social Media Marketing India Services

Being a trusted Social Media Marketing Company in India, we have designed our Social Media Marketing Plans focusing on a successful Content Marketing Strategy. As companies use social media to communicate with targeted audiences, in general, social media marketing plans are designed to focus on the delivery of a successful social media mechanism. In this, we do continuous promotions and updates about your brand to drive awareness to targeted audiences.

Do you really want to GO VISIBLE? Then go for our social media marketing plans. Pick the one that best suits your business needs.

Social Media Marketing Plans

SMM Packages & PlansBasicStandardProfessionalEnterprise


ChannelAny 2Any 4Any 6All
Profile Page OptimizationIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
No of Posts 15304050
Group Posts 15304050
Creative Cover Image 1235
Timeline Status15203050
Video Upload*13510
Join Group13510
Content Duplicacy Check15304050
Target Page Likes
Monitor FaceBook Insight
FaceBook AdsAdditional Charges*Additional Charges*Additional Charges*Additional Charges*




Profile Page OptimizationIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
No of Posts 15304050
No of Page Stories15304050
Creative Cover Image 1235
Engagement Strategy
Target Page Follower×
Monitor Instagram Analytics
Insta #Hashtags*
Instagram AdsAdditional Charges*Additional Charges*Additional Charges*Additional Charges*




Profile Page OptimizationIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
No of Tweets15304050
Creative Cover Image 1235
Target Twitter Followers×
Monitor Twitter Analytics
Trending #Hashtags Research




Profile Page OptimizationIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
LinkedIn Posts10203040
Creative Comapny Page  ×111
Target LinkedIn Community
Relevant Group Joining
Trending #Hashtags Research×




Profile Page OptimizationIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
No of Pins Posted12203050
Creative Board Creation35812
Target Pinterest Followers
Website Verification×××
Business Account




Account Creation+ ManagementIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
No of Videos Submission24610
Video Creation + Optimization*
Video Views204080150
Target YouTubers×ü
Likes & Subcribers*6102035


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