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Content writer vs. Copywriter. Most people need clarification over these terms and need to know whether they need a content writer or a copywriter for their businesses. Well, never mind, because even I was in the same state a few years back. I’ll share with you the whole story.

When I was working as a junior content writer in an SEO firm, you know, one friend’s cousin, came to me. All she wanted was a “job” at that time. She told me that she was excellent at writing articles on various topics. Then she showed me her writing samples. I was impressed with her writing talent. Hence, I recommended her to my senior manager praising her writing skills. At that time, my old manager asked me whether she could do “copywriting.” As the company had a vacancy for a Copywriter opened. Copywriting now, what is it? I asked my senior manager.

What does a Copywriter do?

My next question was,

A copywriter is someone who writes “copy” – text aimed to do advertising or marketing. Apart from raising brand awareness, this “copy” are designed to prompt the consumer’s action. We also says them “sales copy.” Sometimes, these “copy” are written so nicely that consumers are immediately intended to take action. “

She smiled and further said –

Here, we entice consumers by typically writing short ad copy, headlines, press ads, white papers, billboard content, and even developing interesting product descriptions. These copy-texts compel readers to take action, and if it is not so, then it would not be good copywriting. Lastly, she added- she (a good copywriter) needs to be a master in writing concise, interesting, persuasive, and engaging content.

Now, What does a Content Writer do?

I know this question must be popping up in your head at this moment. The same was in me. So I asked my mentor to shed light on what I have been doing since joining. However, I was appointed there as a junior content writer. Still, I needed clarification about the content writer’s duties, roles, and skill set. Content writer vs. Copywriter, this term was striking me again and again. So instead of waiting to complete her sentences, I asked her, “What a content writer does? Am I a content writer or a copywriter?”

As I landed an entry-level content writer position, I needed to learn more about it. I was happy to get paid to draft good content on topics assigned to me, and I needed to be more confident in a content writer’s roles and responsibilities.

A good content writer is a person who increases customer’s trust in a brand. He writes useful, informational web content taking care of website’s SEO and weaving essential keywords into it. Whatever he writes should give value to the readers. Probably at some point, he plays a vital role in planning, writing and then editing web content. He must be a master in developing relevant content for businesses. Although this content can be of any type. For examples- blog posts and articles, website content, scripts for videos or podcasts, text posts on Twitter or Reddit or anything else. “

Seeing my spirit of curiosity, she answered me.

Content Writer Vs. Copywriter: How To Distinguish

In the digital world, hiring a good content writer is the first initial step for any website owner. After witnessing green shoots in many industries and businesses, I summed up that there is a common thing in most successful online campaigns. Rather than pushing your product and services directly to the consumers, could you give them a reason to buy?

It’s essential to raise your brand awareness and trust by providing valued content to consumers. So that they can get connected with the brand and its values, this formula generally fails in real-time, only focusing on sell, sell and sell. Therefore, build rapport and trust using a well-defined content strategy.

Once your content writer gets successful in establishing trust and in providing true value to the consumers. Then the copywriters’ job starts. Now, you can ask your Copywriter to write grammatically corrected copy that calls the consumers to take an action and closes the sales. “

These were the exact lines that my mentor told me.

Last Words

In the crux, the main difference between the content writer and the Copywriter is setting their end goals and deliverable. For content writers, the end goal is to enhance SEO and build an organic following, whereas, for copywriters, it drives sales from the leads.

For a newly established start-up, hiring a good content writer who can write a robust and engaging piece of content is advisable. It helps them in targeting their ‘top of funnel’ audiences. Instead of going to any paid service, invest your money in taking good Content Writing Services that give value to your business. Grow your audiences organically. Once you have done your online growth, start writing conversion-based copy deployed through emails, social media ads, and coupons. Understand your audiences and then write. Your buyers’ journey awaits considerable success. Good luck!

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