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Make money with content marketing! Yes, you are reading it right. Despite the uncertainty of Covid-19 outbreak, you can still make a good income with the help of a good Content Marketing Company. No matter, you are not in-person touch with your consumers. Use the internet for making a conversation live with your consumers. For better results, you can also hire a Content marketing Service provider for exploring the ‘NEW’ consumers.

Further, you need to (re)evaluate your consumer’s data and behaviour during and after the coronavirus pandemic. For example, whether they have started doing online glossary shopping, or start demanding contact-less delivery, or focusing on hygiene products and much more.

Amid the travel restriction, think like a good marketer and anticipate how consumer’s behaviour has changed during and after this pandemic. Collect the data and start doing your brand promotion. But before entering into any promotion strategy, bring-out some creativity in your content to get noticed.

Big brands and even a hot-shot Content Marketing Company are forced to shift their gears and start finding new tactics for making brand promotion during the Covid-19 pandemic. Try the following 11 ‘tried and tested’ promotion tactics. Read and add them in your marketing plan for the year 2020:

1.     Broadcast To Email List

As per a report of Campaign Monitor, an email gets 6 times more click-through rate as compare to a single tweet. Hence, it is worth writing a piece of smart content and sending it to your clients through an email. In this email, you can even highlight your latest posts and updates. It ultimately shows your authority in a niche business.

Make a regular habit to send a weekly email to your consumer’s list. It is an effective content promotion strategy which is essential for all types of business. Let your consumers respond to the ‘call to action’ through your encouraging content.

In addition, you can take help from a professional email writing services or a content marketing company for getting accuracy in your words.

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2.     Post On Social Media

In pandemic situations like nowadays, content and timing are two main factors that can save a business. At present when everyone is home quarantined, people love scrolling on social media. It would be best if you target audiences sitting at homes from such platforms.

Moreover, as social media platforms are heavily-crowded places. You need to improve your visibility by targeting the right audiences.


Use the app like BuzzSumo and find the list of influencers who have maximum shares. After this, dig-out your new targeted people list that has similar interests. Use such tools and share your content to right audiences.

Another trick is- try to add industry influencers in one of your weekly social media posts via using the symbol ‘@’. You can ask them for suggestions or an opinion. It is an interesting way to evolve a conversation. In fact, maximum marketers create link building; encourage comments and sharing through this trick.

3.     Connect With Influencers

The fact is- Influencers are busy socials. And we badly need them. Remember, social media is not only a place where you can target them like I discussed in the previous paragraph.

In fact, you can also send them an interesting personalized email, showcasing your piece of work. You can request them to add your content in their next blog post or to share with their followers if they really like it. Try to make a healthy relationship with influencers outside the social media. Likewise you can reach-out more audiences.

4.     Engage With Niche Community

Further there are many online platforms and networks available on the internet where you are FREE to publish your content. Use such groups and communities and target your niche audiences. Join running conversations and give your content a great exposure with amazing words. Check out some options where you should post your content:

✔ Facebook and LinkedIn Groups

Facebook and LinkedIn are sites that are leveraged with billions of online web audiences. At these sites, you can join groups that are related to your niche business. Post your business’s content there. Remember, the more content you’ll post there, the more chances to target a niche audience. Maximum Content Marketing Company do the same for their clients.

✔ Content Promotion Network

Another place to promote is – content promotion networks. On such websites, you need to pay for promoting your post to get exposure. In today’s date, many Content marketing Service provider promote their content using such platforms. Use any one of such websites or tools.

For example – you can use free tools like Quuu. It is the best automated content curation tool that is easy to use. Try it!

✔ Join Q&A Sites

Further, you can join the Quora and Yahoo Answers types of websites where you can participate in discussions on latest topics. Play smartly, instead of promoting your content directly, participate in discussion. Be a knowledge source that people love to listen to.  

5.     Ask Your Content Marketing Company To Advertise Your Content

Lastly, start advertising your content. The days are gone when traditional marketing tactics work and bring customers. These days a new concept of ‘pay to promote’ works well to build business. Here, you need to ‘pay per clicks’ for reaching out to more people. Act like a professional Content Marketing Company and promote your content using:

✔ Facebook Ads

Create targeted ads and take advantages of content promotion using the demographics, specific interest and location.

✔ Twitter Ads

Set a budget and advertise on Twitter. Only pay when someone retweets your post or follows you. One should try this amazing business booster strategy in 2020.

✔ Instagram Ads

Many young beauty and fashion influencers are using Instagram Ads to promote their profiles and business. If you are also one of the health and wellness industries who want more audiences, then you should think about creating an appealing Instagram ad for sure.

✔ Reddit Ads

Reddit is a crowdsourced platform where millennials love to spend hours. No doubt, it is an expensive option. But undoubtedly, one of the best content promotions used by businesses that gives assured results.


At last, a lot of traffic can be brought by doing content marketing. Simply, ask your Content Marketing Company to evaluate promotional networks. Whether it would be done by social media or guest blogging, do it right away.

You find that a few of the above promotional tactics work well for your business and give results. Re-evaluate your content strategy accordingly. Get your business noticed by these content tactics.

Hoping all your doubts regarding content marketing are cleared in this blog. If anything is left that you want to ask, please feel free to use the comment section below.

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