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Everyone is searching for free Web Conferencing Software tools and services that support remote working by providing video conferencing. Such services help people to collaborate and promote teamwork while working remotely during the pandemic.

Further, several software companies have come to rescue the world economy from the corona outbreak. They are rolling out free services and tools for online meetings and safeguarding business data and privacy. Many educational institutions, healthcare sectors, government organizations, big enterprises, and companies have already used these tools and services to maintain business continuity during this corona crisis.

11 Free Web Conferencing Software That Comes To Rescue World Economy

Have a look at some free tools and services that are helping businesses to be productive and engaged to slow down virus impact on the market.

1.     Zoom

Right after the coronavirus spread, Zoom became many people’s most-heard collaboration tool. The critical factor of its success is- easy download and interactive features. In the virtual space, zoom’s users were restricted to conducting meetings and webinars in 40 min long time limits. Now, to exchange knowledge and give more power to businesses, especially the healthcare sector, it removed its time restriction from its FREE basic plan.

2.     Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is comprehensive software best suited for digital marketing events. It helps marketers to deliver riveting events, join meetings, and maximize virtual attendance by providing a safe Adobe virtual business environment.

Despite travel restrictions in corona pandemic, it is one of the best web conferencing software that helps businesses to go beyond the scene.

3.     Dialpad

Dialpad, a U.S.-based company, offers Dialpad Talk Pro – a cloud-based phone system to use in the Covid-19 crisis. Although the company has a limited 14-day free trial for new users, you can make unlimited business calls and text to your team living in the U.S. and Canada. Plus, you can integrate your emails, G-suite, CRM, and Help desk with this platform for helping global teams. 

4.     BlackBerry

Blackberry users smile! To promote work from home and stay safe from the Covid-19 disease, your favorite brand also introduced BlackBerry Desktop, BlackBerry UEM, BlackBerry 2FA, BBM-E, and BlackBerry SecuSUITE and BlackBerry PROTECT software that enables businesses to work FREE for 60 days trial remotely.

5.     Hangouts Meet by Google

When every software company is launching free tools for business collaboration and communication to reduce the harmful effects of the Covid-19 outbreak, world tech giant Google brings its new service to help out the corporate and government best practices.

Using Google’s all-G Suite, corporations can make frictionless, high-quality real-time meetings with the team. It includes free access to its advanced Hangouts Meet video-conferencing feature, live streaming, etc. Moreover, it lets people manage even larger meetings with up to 250 participants.

6.     DingTalk

Do you know which service saved China during the pandemic situation raised by Covid-19? It is Alibaba Cloud’s- DingTalk that Chinese medical experts use to convey the talks from everywhere in the country. Using this software, doctors and medical teams performed real-time communication, multi-language translation, and other collaboration.

You must have heard the phrase- technology saves everything. Throughout this tragic situation, such software and apps proved it correct. DingTalk helps China in controlling the Corona outbreak most effectively.

7.     Cisco WebEx

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, accelerate your team’s remote work by joining and managing them from anywhere, anytime, with Cisco WebEx. It offers unlimited usage with the most secure, global web collaboration platform. It helps businesses to find ways to combat the corona crisis.

What’s more? The WebEx Meetings plan, which is free to access, lets businesses host meetings with up to 100 participants, screen sharing, H.D. video, and a private room.

8.     Vonage

Being a global business cloud communications leader, Vonage has introduced multiple new solutions for bringing business continuity under challenging situations like the present. Or in other words, Vonage is another best option for companies in the COVID-19 outbreak.

The company offers its communication platform free for up to 90 days. It gives businesses immediate access to handle their team with minimum business disruption.

9.     Workplace from Facebook

Workplace from Facebook is a next-gen, intelligent collaboration tool. It is a straightforward and secure tool for making video calls, News feeds, groups, instant messaging, and file sharing.

One popular connecting platform launched to support new emergency services and government employees – Workplace Advanced. It comes with a one-year free subscription for people and staff working in emergency services.

10. IBM

For businesses with evolving perceptions, IBM brings free tool offerings- Aspera and IBM Video Streaming solutions. For attracting new clients, it offers 90-days free access with high-speed file sharing and video streaming solutions to combat the side effects of COVID-19.
Use this service to facilitate remote collaboration and keep your workforce entirely connected.

11. BlueJeans

In the quick rundown of remote working services, BlueJeans gets a top-rated badge that offers video conferencing service to new users and NGOs helping several communities for an initial 90 days. It helps NGOs manage outbreaks and protect people and communities from further exposure.


To upstream a business, it is vital to take immediate action against the global health emergency. Act now to suppress the devastating business situation raised in the Covid-19 outbreak and start using any of the above free Web Conferencing Software and services for communicating with your team and clients.

Lastly, cooking exciting content marketing recipes is advisable to attract and retain your web customers. When everyone is locked down in homes, only social media posts and interesting blogs show their strength. Use any of your favorite video conferencing tools to connect with our marketing expert today and board your business in a digital marketplace.

Caution: Avoid clicking on phishing websites to install any software. Know What Is Phishing? How To Detect/Know It and Not Fall for It here.

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