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No matter what people say but the fact is – Email marketing never goes out of fashion. That is why every online player regularly sends interesting e-mailers to their web subscribers to big enterprises and even small-scale start-ups. They hire professional content marketing services to get crispy newsletters for a niche business.

Are you a marketer who wants to write engaging newsletters for your or your client’s business? Scroll down and read the following 11 content writing tips that can help you for writing some exciting newsletters.

11 Actionable Tips for Writing ‘Mind-Blowing’ Newsletters

1.  Add Attractive Offers to Make User Subscribed

It’s not that hard to attract web users for any newsletter subscription. Take advantage of discounts or any other fantastic offer beneficial for readers. Write something like only newsletter subscribers can get this 20% off on that service or anything else you want to add. This additional layer highlights your newsletter subscription and makes it look special for users.

2.  Design Newsletters for Mobile-First

Forget testing the newsletter on the desktop. 80% of web users read emails on their smartphones. As mobile phones and tabs are things that get maximum “scroll” in a day compared to desktops. Therefore, a mobile-friendly exclusive newsletter can bring out many opportunities for marketers. Hence, try to design a brilliant newsletter with great font and color that looks great on mobiles.

3.  Write Short, Killer Subject Lines

Ask help from your hired Content Marketing Services Provider Company to write short but killer subject lines for newsletters. They own professional writers who are masters in writing winning subject lines for businesses.

4.  Use Design with Visual-Rich Images In Email Marketing

Now this one is significant. If you want to win your email marketing campaign, always use a simple design with bright images. But be sure that the pictures you add in your newsletter are visually rich to look nice and attractive. Larger images that render correctly on smartphones generally capture more attention.

5.  Keep the Body of the Newsletter Short And Actionable

Be different in your Be different in your tone. It helps your business to stand out. Create short stories, and write the content of the body in a tried and tested story-telling way. The only thing to remember here is that newsletters are not blogs. Hence try to make them short and crispy. Add actionable links to it so that you can drive traffic from it.

6.  Craft A Winning Opening Line

Word hard to craft a ‘winning’ starting line for your newsletter. Craft something on which people can’t stop themselves from click-it. Take your time because the success of your e-mailer depends on opening a newsletter.  

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7.  Be Consistent With Your Goal

Ensure you are consistent with your company’s goal throughout the specific newsletter marketing campaign. Never do a frog jump from one thing to another entirely different thing. It can make readers confused about the ‘purpose of your e-mailer.’ Decide what exactly you want like

  • Drive sale or
  • Mark a brand-presence or
  • Drive traffic on your website’s landing page or
  • Update about business or
  • Download an app or anything else

8.  Schedule your newsletter

The best thing about a newsletter is that people find businesses profound, from which they get consistent emails in their mailbox. Be consistent about the timing of your newsletter sending. For example, if you are sending them a weekly newsletter, then make this task done every week regularly. Schedule a timeline to send a newsletter for your business.

9.  Create Urgency

People generally tend to respond to that call to action on which they find some urgency. Here email marketing comes into action. Create some speed so that you can make web users take some action with your newsletter.

10.  Measure Your Result

Now, what next? Keep your eyes on your newsletter analytics using any email marketing software. Look how much click-through, bounce rate, or even unsubscribe you have for a particular e-mailer. It helps you craft your following newsletter with things lacking in this one.

11.  Think Like Reader’s Point of View

Lastly, think like a reader. What would you want to see in your newsletter? Whether the design layout and fonts of your newsletter are appealing to you. Ask yourself. Add or remove something. Once you find that your newsletter is brilliant, only send it to the mailboxes of your web users.


The bottom line is- email marketing is an effective way that supports a business by communicating with its audiences. To get maximum results from it, it’s important to use the ‘right formula’. Know your audiences’ mindsets. Dig out what exactly they are looking for. The reason behind the success of top content marketing services is – they provide confined and short newsletters to their customers that bring back business. 

Use this success formula. Craft a sizzling newsletter that appeals the most and gets a great conversion rate. 

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